Spring Blossom Chocolate Truffles: A Taste of Heaven

A feast for the senses. Chocolate, cream and spring blossom. There are lots of flowers that are edible. Some are more aromatic than others. As mentioned in the post, try your own experiments and experience Spring in a different way )O(

Gather Victoria


What combines the delicate yet heady scent of spring blossoms with creamy rich chocolate? Why Plum Blossom Truffles of course! And they are so amazingly delicious and super easy to make, you won’t regret gifting your palate with this floral infused chocolate sensation for one instant, I promise!

In Victoria streets one of our most beloved first harbingers of spring are the immense powder puffs of blossoming Ornamental Plum Trees (Prunus cerasifera, ‘Pissardii‘). Obviously a favourite choice for city planners (there are over 30 different varieties) they are so plentiful that they line entire blocks, creating a fragranced arbor of creamy pink overhead. And in summer they do produce a small edible purple plum, which sadly mostly ends up squashed on sidewalks.


This year as I stood under the flowering branches, eyes closed taking in the perfumed air, I thought of the Japanese Cherry Blossom festivals and…

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