Quick and easy Mushroom and Wild Garlic pate

Wild Garlic is popping through abundantly in my local woodland and around the country. I love adding it to a wide range of recipes as it is incredibly versatile. Having picked up some yellow sticker mushrooms I decided on a quick pate. I’m trying to cut right back on my dairy intake so have used cashews for this one.


One cup of cashews – soak these for a couple of hours
One punnet of mushrooms (approx. 350g)
1-2 tbsps tamari or soy sauce
handful of wild garlic (or to taste)

Drain the cashews and add to your food processor, processing until they are finely chopped. Add mushrooms – you may want to halve or quarter any bigger ones to make them easier for the food processor to handle.
Process again adding the tamari to help the process.
Shred the wild garlic and add to the processor bowl. Pulse until you get a smoothish consistency.

Add pepper if desired and adjust seasoning. Put into a suitable container and store in the fridge.

This is a fairly sloppy pate/spread that goes well on crackers or toast. It can also be used as a dip or in pancakes.



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