Up until today I’ve managed to ignore and avoid this page.

It’s probably a good time to put some information on it.

With an interest in herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes since childhood and in diet and nutrition since my teens I trained as a nurse in the late 90s after leaving the finance industry.

While this was useful in that I realised I wanted to care for others I also realised that it is more rewarding to empower others and facilitate their journey.  I have since trained in a range of complementary therapies and this blog was originally set up to help me explore a wider, more esoteric Aromatherapy than seemed to be prevalent at that time.  I am also trained in Reflexology, Ear Candling, Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage and Reiki and have undertaken training in Crystal Therapy although I choose not to practice this.  It did however open me up significantly to the energetic side of Aromatherapy.

I am currently studying for a professional qualification as a Naturopathic Herbalist.

Over the years I have investigated a number of different ways of eating and I turned to nutritional therapy to get my physical health in better shape before becoming pregnant with my daughter.

Since then I have discovered that what I eat and drink has a profound effect on my body, mind and spirit. I have explored a variety of diets. I have cooked for people on a variety of food journeys, often finding ways to provide a positive  way to accommodate an alternative dietary regime, either chosen or imposed, while producing delicious and enjoyable foods.

My maxim has usually been, why should you miss out on favourites or not enjoy foods especially at celebrations just because you have a specific dietary need.

And I seem to have become quite good at this.2015-12-11 13.49.42

Most recently my focus has returned to food as medicine. I discovered a grain-free diet keeps my Raynaud’s titres in the negligible range and that eating a diet high in minimally processed and living foods keeps my energy levels up and improves my mood, cognitive processing and ability to heal holistically; releasing personal traumas and redundant behaviours and thoughts.

I still want food that is delicious, feels great to eat and above all meets my needs in body, mind and spirit. I want to incorporate foraged and wild foods where possible. And I believe this can enhance my connection with my world around me encouraging and supporting the divine spark within.

So this is my journey.

Please feel free to join me.




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