Brine fermented Celery Sticks

We all know that celery is “good for you” and not just because the work of chewing it potentially uses more calories than gained in eating it. Bear in mind all that chewing strengthens various muscles in the face and neck, of course. Here in the U.K. Celery is currently in season.

Celery is an excellent source of nutrients wrapped up in a low calorie, low carb, low fat package with lots of crunch. Celery is a great source of Vitamin K which is important in regulating blood flow and clotting times. Celery also contains flavonoids linked to destruction of pancreatic cancer cells. Some of the flavonoids in Celery have also been found to inhibit the growth of bacteria linked to peptic ulcer formation. It is also a good source of mineral salts such as Calcium and Potassium which are vital to correct electrical and physiological function in cells. For more about the nutrients found in Celery read this article.  If you prefer infographics there is a lovely one here.


One “bunch” or “head” of celery

3-4 garlic cloves



peppercorns or other spices

First make a 2% brine using 19g of sea salt (just over 1/5tbsps) to 1 litre of water and allow to cool. Then slice your garlic cloves finely and put in the bottom of your jar along with the peppercorns and any other spices or flavourings you want – a bit of chilli can be nice.

Cut your celery stalks so they are just below the shoulder of the jar when standing up. In my experience one bunch will nicely fill the 500ml jar pictured. Pack the jar tightly and fill with the cooled brine. Screw on the lid.

Place the jar out of direct light but at normal room temperature for a week or so. You should see some activity in the jar which indicates that the fermenting process is taking place. Once this seems to stop put the jar in the fridge and eat as required. I find this celery still has sufficient crunch and the flavour is “softer”.

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