Nightshade Substitutions You Might Not Have Tried

Some interesting and useful suggestions here for those who need a completely nightshade free diet for whatever reason.

Pep's Free From Kitchen

Dear reader, you know my tendency when discussing fairly common themes like substitutions to descend into snarky flippancy, right? Yeah, have no fear I’m as sardonic as ever! Let’s start this with the ever common opening: What are nightshades? Seriously, Google that, you’re here to be helped not to be faced with formulaic word-count increasers. You’re also here for actually experience, not just vague guesses and half-hearted reiterations of familiar ideas. I haven’t spent the last, what? Five years at this to start telling you I have a taco seasoning that’s better than the countless near identical recipes you’ve seen, because I’m not here to sell you on my brand nor am I here to threat you like the idiot I was made to feel time and time again when I placed my faith in the faint hope that maybe this time the recipe would be something new. Jack…

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