Help I’ve got too much Kefir!!!

Inspired by a very dear friend I’ve compiled some information about using up the excess Milk Kefir that seems to accumulate when the rest of the family choose not to partake.


  1.  Are you drinking enough for your needs. If you have started small and built up slowly you may already be at the one to two glass stage. My tumblers hold 200-250mls each (250mls is about a cup). One of those a day is probably enough for most people in terms of how much is needed to support health and wellbeing. If you’ve not made it there, are there reasons for this?  Your body’s needs can change over time so the amount you were taking for healing may be more than you currently need. Check in with your body. Likewise your body’s needs may increase if other demands on you change e.g. level of stress, change of diet, holidays, parties etc.
  2. Slow it down.  Your milk kefir grains will survive in the fridge and will produce kefir albeit much more slowly.  You may get a different texture to your kefir and a different flavour.  If this suits you, you can produce your kefir like this for a while.
  3. Make cheese.  Donna Schwenk provides instructions here for what is a very straight-forward process.
  4. Make ice-cream.  This is a Peanut Butter Ice-Cream recipe. Again from Donna Schwenk.
  5. Try using it for skin care as part of a face mask or cleanser. I have yet to try adding milk kefir to a moisturising cream.
  6. Overnight oats?  Try using Milk Kefir rather than plain milk.  This works with gluten-free and regular oats.  It would probably work with other “flakes” as well. Maybe try it with sprouted buckwheat or quinoa flakes.
  7. Fancy a different flavour?  Try this recipe from Donna Schwenk for a Gingerbread Kefir Smoothie.  I find with a couple of Medjool dates in it the Stevia or other alternative sweetener isn’t required. The molasses adds nutrients – notably iron and some additional minerals depending on source and is an intrinsic flavour component.  You could add mixed spice (pumpkin or apple pie spice) rather than just nutmeg.
  8. Make a probiotic Raita – Allow the milk kefir to thicken a little and strain off most of the whey. Add cucumber and mint and use as a side-dish alongside your favourite curry.
  9. Make Pancakes or drop scones, ordinary scones, Soda bread. Use the kefir in place of buttermilk for a lighter baking result.
  10. Improvise and let me know what you get up to.


And have fun enjoying adding to your diet and meals in different ways.




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