Buckwheat Flour Shortcrust Pastry

Must try this pastry recipe.

Pep's Free From Kitchen

Making a Bakewell Tart with this Pastry from Scratch Here.

Read about this handy pastry in greater detail: Here and Here.

Flax Egg Version

Jam Tartlets


110g Buckwheat Flour
50g Butter, very cold, cut into cubes
4 to 6 Tbsp Ice Cold Water

Optional: Add 1 Tbsp Caster Sugar for Sweet Pastry.

Makes 4 10cm Tarts.
Chia Egg version is the best


1. Add the Buckwheat Flour to a bowl.

2. Add the Butter and crumble together with hands until it forms a lumpy, dry breadcrumb like mixture.

3. Add a Tbsp of Cold Water and mash together with fork. Keep adding Water and mixing until the Dough is sticky, but firm.

4. Dust with flour, knead into a ball and then form into a flat disc and place in fridge for 1 hour.

5. Grease the baking tin with Butter and scatter with Buckwheat Flour…

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