Life’s Little Adventures

Little adventures can all feed into the big adventure.

This week has been a bit like that, with new experiences and possibilities

Although for many schools in the UK this week just passed was Half-Term week we are a Home Educating family so some aspects of life continued as normal.

My husband has been home for a week on annual leave.  We both work in a local hospital so sometimes getting time off together is difficult, if not impossible. We often end up working around each other to make sure someone is at home with DD as much as possible.

Last week he ended up in Accident and Emergency as a result of Atrial Fibrillation, a condition in which the heart beats very irregularly and usually very fast.  This has happened before and it usually leaves us all a little drained to say the least.

Tuesday we went over to a friend’s smallholding to learn to milk her goats as she and her family would be away for the weekend. I was rather excited and hubs accompanied me, although it quite obviously wasn’t his “thing”. The girls are lovely and very cheeky. Our friends have a particular way to manage the milking and we did okay. I went back on Wednesday for another go. For me this was fun albeit quite hard work.

Tuesday was also the last time we saw DD’s friend and her father for a while as they have headed back to Turkey for a few months. We are still looking forward to meeting A’s mum when she eventually gets permission to come over.

Thursday was an emotionally draining day at work. Certain colleagues are not always easy to work with and I also spent some time running around planning a way to make Friday run differently and not leave us with a big gap in the middle of the day.  Yes it was the “try and organise running split lists as an all day list” attempt.

Friday we got to see if I’d worked everything out properly. Yay!! We did it and finished all our work by 3.40pm. Unheard of in the theatre I’m currently based in. I felt rather proud of  what we achieved.

Then I received a very interesting proposal. I can’t tell you about that at the moment as there are some ifs and buts.

Saturday we trundled off to milk goats and feed chickens.  I was quite pleased with 850mls of milk and we had quite a laugh keeping order with just two goats. It was a glorious day too, sunshine, blue skies and a very warm polytunnel where the chickens are under lock down.

Unfortunately one of them had had an accident and was a bit the worse for wear. A quick phone call later and said chicken had a purple leg from the disinfectant spray, and a straw bed all to herself in a cage inside the tunnel with her own food and water.

24 hours later we went back to milk goats and tend to the chickens prepared, if necessary, to dispatch her. Although she was quite bright and game to try it appears her leg is paralysed, hanging from a cage by your toe for hours doesn’t do a leg any good.  We have been spared that particular adventure as our friends are due home this evening and have opted to deal with that themselves.

I’d managed to get just over a litre of milk from the goats. Very proud of my novice efforts despite a sore shoulder. We have more than enough eggs for a week or so.  There will have to be a Pancake Day practice day next week before the event on the 28th.  This is not unusual as in our house Pancakes are for whenever you fancy not just Shrove Tuesday.

Life is good!  To use some Access Consciousness : How can it get any better than this? What else is possible?

Brightest blessings, peace, love and joy to you all.

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