2017-02-11-13-26-38Yesterday evening we celebrated Imbolc with the Grove we belong to. Slightly late because  we couldn’t get together sooner for a multitude of reasons.

As part of our gathering we have a bring and share supper. Some traditions hold that foods for Imbolc should be white, dairy predominates and there should be some spice to represent the fire aspect of Brighid.

I’m trying to reduce my dairy and I eat a gluten and potato free diet so honey cakes or potato cakes or some of the other lovely sounding recipes are out. Braided breads don’t work well with gluten free flour either.

Plus I wanted something relatively quick.  We had had fish pie with root veg mash the night before so I took the left over mash (I had made too much as usual), added some tinned chick peas, pakistani besar spice mix and egg and flour to bind and mixed it together.


1 tin of chick peas drained and crushed (save the liquid if you fancy aquafaba)

Roughly equal quantity of mixed root veg mash (carrots, swede, sweet potato)

1 tsp spice mix of your choice

1 flax egg (I’ll be using this next time as I think it will work better) or egg

Sufficient flour of your choice to create a mix you can easily pull into “balls” I used a mixture of gluten free and coconut flour if you use just coconut flour this is a grain free recipe).

Roughly torn or chopped wild garlic (Alllium ursinum)

Mix together and shape into rough balls. Place these as you go on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

Bake for 20 minutes at about 200C

Makes 24-282017-02-11-13-26-42

Serve in a wrap with a dressing of your choice and some salad or rice.


For an alternative Wild Garlic recipe try Robin Harford’s Nut Loaf 20160123_114225


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