Hawthorn Berry

Another hedgerow beauty to be making use of as we go into winter. As well as being supportive and balancing to heart function, Hawthorn is reputed to support the blood vessels making it useful for peripheries that struggle in colder weather. As someone who has regularly experience chilblains these last few years I shall be tincturing some for sure.


Hawthorn is one of the most magical, wild and enchanted of our sacred native trees. Often being called the “faerie tree”. This gnarly, beautiful and thorny little one can be found growing in the wildest of spots, loving some of the most harshest of weathers.

I find the shape of a hawthorn leaf to be full of beauty, the white delicate blossom a May day delight and the berries / haws a welcome blood red sight. I also love that hiding behind all these things are some very large and sharp thorns that can scratch many an unsuspecting forager.

I once met a gnarled old woman who was as silver as the moon, she had a magical cloth pouch that contained the needles she had made from the thorns of a hawthorn tree. She described to me at length the wonderments of this ancient tree. She told me a secret about…

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