Minerals & water, work & family

Paula’s story is amazing.

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IMG_9070 A picture of health & happiness!

It’s over a year now since my life, and health, stepped up a gear, or five.

My past fears of ‘how would I cope with cooking for myself’ have transformed into ‘how can I cope with running a house, studying and managing two businesses with beekeeping and rest?’…

My husband and kids, not to mention extended family and friends are often saying ‘you’re doing too much’, and ‘just sit down or rest’, but how can I when there’s just so much that I want and enjoy to do?

I am absolutely loving my renewed health, but am all too acutely aware of it’s fragility. A recent reminder has been a series of dislocations, following an extended ‘busy’ period. Ehlers Danlos syndrome means that my joints easily dislocate and the more they do the easier it is for them to do so in future, and…

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