Nettle Seeds for adrenal burnout

Another great post from Brigit Anna McNeill. Many herbalists will cite Ashwaganda Root (Withania somnifera) for adrenal fatigue, however for those of us in the UK this is not native, nor will it naturalise. Nettles are hardy, prolific and easily harvested. They also provide food for the caterpillars of one of our potentially endangered butterflies the Small Tortoiseshell.

So try some, cultivate a wild patch in your garden, reconnect and feed body and soul as well as the creatures we share this earth with.

A further article and recipe from Danielle at Gather Victoria


Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with Nettles. These plants to me are like gypsy grandmothers who are gloriously untamed,  full of medicine, inner strength and who have a disregard for rules.

Many people know about Nettles and their wonderful ability to rebuild and restore due to being intensely nutritive, full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Nettles are more rich and nourishing than spirulina and they are free. But not many people have noticed let alone got to know the magic that lies within the seeds. When Nettles have seeded, tiny little bunches of crunchy seeds appear on long stems shooting out with potency and life and these are also a rich source of medicine and food.  When these strings of seeds are pointing down to the ground with their own weight they are then ready to pick. They should look swollen crunchy and not brown or fluffy. The seeds in the…

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