Why I Will No Longer Be A 24-Hour Woman

Reblogging as I think this is important for all of us but women especially. Trying to do it all and fit is all in, exhausting ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally is not sustainable and never truly has been. Yes we can support ourselves with herbs and good nutrition, however without the acknowledgement that our mental and emotional state contribute to our overall health, that our psychological drivers exert a huge influence on our physical bodies (cortisol dumps, chronically high adrenaline levels) we will continue to struggle with these issues, with that nagging sense of fatigue from burning the candle at both ends.

How to take time out? Healthy options include spending time outdoors; doing something creative just for the fun of it, it doesn’t matter what the result is; laughing; treating yourself to a complementary therapy treatment and allowing yourself to be; plan a lie-in.

What would your choice be? Are there areas in your life where you can say “No”?


This Girl Unravelled

24hrwoman.jpg Photo by Brooke Cagle via unsplash.com It’s 2pm on a Friday afternoon.

I count the productive minutes left in my day before my children are home.

Ninety minutes. Ninety minutes.

My fingers tap against the desk. I need to write, dates and deadlines approachtoo fast and the heartbeat in my ears sounds more like the second hand of a clock. My eyes sting. I stifle a yawn and tell myself it’s too late in the day for another coffee. I waste minutes as I watch geese shuffle past the window in their clumsy line.

I came back Sunday from my Writers’ Festival weekend wrecked, but with no moment to catch my breath before beingpropelled into the week ahead.

The need tosubmit two more articles to Elephant Journal this week. That makes 8. If their writers submit 8 articles in one month they are eligible to receive some kind of payment.

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