Beetroot and Walnut Burgers

Okay I’m still playing with flavours and textures. I love beetroot raw, juiced, cooked or any other way. I know not everyone likes the earthiness of beetroot which can be present even once peeled.  However Beetroot is one of those foods which is incredibly good for you so if you can find a way to enjoy it, so much the better.

For information on how beets are good for you have a look at these articles.

Although if you’d rather hide your beets under cacao you could try this recipe.


1 cup shredded or finely grated beetroot

1 cup shredded or finely grated carrot

1 cup sprouted lentils

1 cup walnuts – soaked for a few hours

1/4 cup psyllium husk

1 heaped tsp ground caraway

2-3 garlic cloves


freshly ground black pepper

approx 1/2 tsp ground ginger

Additional beetroot juice/water if too dry.



As with my other burger recipes, chuck all the ingredients except the seasonings and spices into the food processor fitted with an “S” blade and prices until you get to the texture and consistency you prefer. Season to taste adding a little extra liquid if your mix is a bit on the dry side.  Check this be squeezing some together. It should hold readily together.

Shape into burgers and place on dehydrator sheet if you wish to dry them.  Dehydrate at 35C for 10 hours, flip and dry for a little longer if required. I generally find they need about 24 hours in total.

Makes approx 12 medium sized. Great with a mixed salad and dressing including some balsamic vinegar. Although they work just as well as snacks.


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