Experimenting with Psyllium Husk

I was very kindly gifted a couple of slightly past their best courgettes by the lovely Charlotte at Nature’s Nutrition in Mill Street, Bideford after a  probiotics get together a couple of nights ago.  I was also given a couple of peppers and a reminder to sort out the Olio dropbox we have previously discussed.

Returning home I discovered my sprouted black onion seeds were getting a bit out of control and started thinking about using these items all together.


Sprouted Black Onion seed.

As the recipe took shape I decided on psyllium husk rather than flax seed as a binder. I first tried this as part of a Russell James bread recipe.

So we have the following burger recipe:-

1 cup sprouted green lentils

1 cup sprouted black onion seeds

1/2 cup brazil nuts

1 yellow pepper chopped

1/4 cup psyllium husk

2 medium courgettes chopped

2-3 cloves of garlic

salt and celery salt

freshly ground black pepper

dried mint

dried dill


As with many of my other recipes this is a chuck it all, except the seasoning,  in the food processor and blitz it.

Once it is the consistency you are happy with, add the seasoning and mix thoroughly.

Shape into patties and put on the dehydrator at 35C for 8-10 hours. Check it is the texture you want. If you would like it a bit drier/chewier then dehydrate it for a little longer.

Makes 10-12 patties.


The feedback (pun intended) is that these are lighter than those made with flax seed and moister on the inside.  The texture is a bit more like a commercial veggie burger, softer and “fluffier”.  And apparently they taste pretty good too.

I’m looking at a trying a beetroot and walnut burger next.


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