Camping in the Raw.

We are fast approaching the Summer Solstice, the time of the longest day here in the UK, and shortest day for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.

For a number of years we have attended 3Wishes Faery Fest as our celebration of this point in the wheel.

In previous years we have cooked a lot of our food. This year money is not so tight and we had talked about using the food outlets more and reducing what we need to carry and the amount of time taken up preparing food when we’d rather be enjoying the festival.

However since then I’ve opted for a high raw diet.  In previous years things like fresh salad have been in short supply and for me salad that pretty much consists of iceberg lettuce, a couple of tomatoes and a few slices of cucumber doesn’t really cut it.  I like my salad leaves to have colour and flavour as well as a bit of crunch.

Unless of course we are talking about spinach and leaves such as amaranth and orach.  Fortunately the Family Foraging tent will be there again this year so a couple of wild food walks will yield something of interest. And there will, by the look of things, be more in the way of fresh salad this year.

However, the rest is pretty much up to me.

So I’m taking:

A selection of fruit – lemons, limes, oranges, pears, kiwis

Some basic veg – Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers


Veg for spiralising – Carrots, sweet potatoes, courgettes and of course the spiraliser as it is a diddy thing that is manually operated.

A big bottle of salad dressing rather than the makings of – cuts down on the number of bottles hanging around.

Some of my veggie burgers and lentil nut burgers.

Some of my nut and date bars such as the goji and hemp bars and probably chocolate and orange bars. I have also just discovered one with beetroot in so I’ll have a go at replicating that.

Either some seedy bars with sprouted buckwheat or a sort of granola type thing and frozen nut milks.

Some sprouted lentils.

Some water kefir grains and the sugar to feed them.

Some kombucha – probably elderflower, ginger and lavender and lemon balm.

Some marinated dried mushroom strips.

A couple of knives and a chopping board.

Water and coconut water.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Amy x


Inspiration was also found here

I might consider this too although I’d probably change the nuts.


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