The edible and medicinal benefits of wild garlic

I was thinking of doing my own post. Instead I’ll leave you with Brigit Anna McNeill’s knowledge and wisdom


Updated 22 Feb 2017 to add this link to Robin Harford’s recipe for Lacto-Fermented Wild Ramsons leaves.



Wild garlic- Ramsons( Alliaceae family)
Season- April to early June

The smell of wild garlic in the woods right now is just divine. I love coming back with the smell heavy on my fingers and the hem of my skirt. A basket full of wild garlic lifts my spirit and makes me feel buzzingly healthy just looking at it. I have so many fond memories of this plant, such as being in the forest with a wooden board of cheese, crusty bread, fresh sardines cooked on embers and wild garlic picked from where we were sitting with a good glug of olive oil.
There is so much you can do with wild garlic and you can eat it all- leaves, roots, buds and flowers. For some people the intense hit of garlic is too much, for myself I just love it. I love the flavour and the smell and I…

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