Tinctures and Liniments

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Learning to make tinctures and liniments is a useful way to preserve and take your herbs, and it can save you a bunch of money. Using tinctures as a way to take your herbs is beneficial because they are a concentrated dose, and after the easy initial prep, takes no time to prepare and are easy to administer. They also have long shelf lives (much longer than the dried herb alone would have) and are incredibly stable if stored correctly; they also take up less room than bulky dried herbs. You also have control over the quality and strength of your tincture, and can easily make personalized blends. Tinctures and liniments are made the exact same way, the only difference is that liniments are for external use only, such as to dry, draw, and disinfect wounds or treat deep muscle pain, while tinctures are taken internally.

To make a tincture…

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