why girls really do matter…

Worth reading. Again off topic for my blog but felt it had to be shared.

Blessings xxx


Dear Sarah,

Hi. We don’t know each other, but we do have a link. Your daughter is currently attending my old school. I hope she’s loving it just as I did. Grey Coat taught me to be an independent, confident woman, and I’m so grateful for that. Watch out for stains on the grey jumper though – they never come out!

That link is part of what makes me so confused about your recent article on the “Girl’s Matter” report from Girlguiding UK. The article raised a number of emotions in me, but I think the overwhelming one was one of deep sadness. Let me try and explain why, if I can…

I wear three rings. Fairly ordinarily, one is my engagement ring and one is my wedding ring. One of them is a bit more unusual though. It’s nothing special to look at. It’s a cheap mood ring, brought…

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