CRYSTAL SKULLS – MEXICO, 11th September 1999 – Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S

Wow! What an experience! Thank you for sharing this


Crystal skull.10/12/2012

This is the right time to write this account ……

In 1999, I arranged to go to stay with my friend, Stuart Cox who’d moved to Tepoztlan, Mexico earlier. The choice of the date of my three weeks holiday was odd. Stuart knew me well enough to accept that, although I could have travelled several months earlier I was in an ‘I’ll come when it feels right’ mood. I decided to get the ticket about four days before I left. It felt right.

Stuart came to meet me at Mexico City airport. He explained that another friend was staying for the first week of my stay – finishing off a fortnight with him. He had not wanted to put me off but explained that he needed to give his friend full attention for my first week – but he had found something that I might be interested to do…

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