9 Signs You’re An Old Soul | RiseEarth

9 Signs You’re An Old Soul | RiseEarth.


I found this article today on RiseEarth via Google+.


It resonates with me. Not in a flashy lightbulb way, more a “yah-huh” kind of way.  It goes beyond the “feeling I’ve been here before”.


I think we are probably all old souls in my little immediate family. Happiest in our little group of  three with our cats, books, plants, Mother Earth and a handful of like-minded souls around us.


Does it resonate with you? Maybe you have tried to adjust/adapt/fit it. Feeling that need to belong and it just hasn’t worked. I know we have at points. Knowing it’s just easier to be and let the rest pass on by, ignoring it if you will and leaving others to chat excitedly about TV, the latest phone, their new decor etc.


I expect there are more of us than we realise but then our nature is not to seek out large groups.


Just a few thoughts as much for myself as any other.


Peace, love and blessings.



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