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Australis Incognita

A little while ago I was having a conversation with a fabulous woman, to whom I am currently teaching my Craft, about Bottlebrush. My Aussie readers will get the reference, but my international readers might think we were having a discussion about cleaning bottles. Bottlebrush or Callistemon, are a very prominent feature of the Australian landscape. And my friend had been directed to this flower by a spirit guide in a vision experience, most unexpectedly. This post is not about our collective insights into the nature of that plant specifically, as we are both still working with it and getting to know it, as it were (I find increasingly I speak in terms of all these things like neighbours I can have a cuppa with) but rather something that I noticed about how we spoke about the plant.

Callistemon by Joseph Lycett. Callistemon by Joseph Lycett.

Something so obviously red and showy…

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