Awakening to Spiritual Truth – Expectations and Misconceptions

Interesting thoughts an Spiritual awakening and well put


We categorize an experience as an ‘awakening’ when we realize that the experience significantly changes our view, and when it feels like our whole life before felt somehow dull or incomplete, like being asleep.  However, the thing we see upon this ‘waking’ doesn’t represent the totality of what can be perceived.   It may represent a significant step in spiritual development, but it is not (and nor should we want it to be) the last step.  Nor is the integration of spiritual experience instantaneous, or always felt as some sort of ‘aha’ moment.  How then can we categorize some ‘big experience’ as an awakening when there is both more ‘waking’ to be done, and time required for the experience to sink in?  When does the ‘awakening’ happen, and how would we know when it has?

Expecting life to never feel the same again after having had ‘the big experience’ can…

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