Boundaries or Containers

I have experienced so many thoughts and synchronicities over the last few days that I almost am not sure where to start.

We spent the weekend in Glastonbury with Saturday being at the OBOD Winter Gathering. Lots of synchronicities from wording in books to those spoken in the activities we took part in. Included in these were seeing one of the partners from a firm I used to work for back in my twenties to links to the titles of books on the shelves of the lady we were staying with.

And to top it all when I dropped in to see friends who have just moved down to our village a conversation that put something else into a bit more perspective.

So where is all this going.  Well today I’m starting with my conversation with Andrea who is studying astrology. Contained signs – in my particular case we were looking at Pisces where Saturn sits in my birth chart. Hmmm! Earth can contain Water – and for that matter Air and Fire. I don’t see that as boxed in, more giving shape to like a stream perhaps. That allows for movement and change. SAM_0736_1Again using the stream metaphor the boundaries can be breached. In terms of nature this can happen without warning in times of heavy rain and subsequent flooding. But in larger terms we see coastlines change over hundreds and thousands of years by the work of the sea. But the eroded earth is washed out to sea and washed up elsewhere eventually.

I have been drawn increasingly to liminal plants. Plants of the edges that mark the boundaries between worlds in some ways but are not impenetrable. We can step through if we choose. We can have one foot in each world if we choose, giving new shape to ourselves and the world(s) we occupy in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual terms.

We can then move backwards and forwards or from one to the other if we choose and each time we take something of the other with us.

If we allow ourselves to be truly contained and hence restricted we are not able to choose change and movement as we perceive an impenetrable barrier.

If we see ourselves as being slightly shaped by a boundary we can choose change. We can choose a different shape. We may choose to obliterate the boundaries but we may then find ourselves without shape, guidance and direction. So we choose instead to adjust ourselves to pass through, to step outside. We choose to move, to change. We can seek new experience while still having a reference point, counting the marker stones along the way or just looking at the view.

I choose to shape my world anew each day in peace, love and consciousness


Amy xxx)O(xxx

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