The Truth about Scorpios!

Hmmm! An interesting post so thought I’d share

Starwheel Astrology Western and Vedic

heartinhandThe Truth about Scorpios!

This is the November 2013 Starwheel Newsletter from Michael Conneely. Out every month, my start of the month Newsletter focusses on Astrology – especially the ‘Happy Birthday Sign’: This month it’s Scorpio.

But watch out, also, for my mid-month Newsletter which focuses on Earth spirituality including Shamanic Healing, Ogham and Runes. The mid-November Newsletter will include details of:

a. The launch of my new spiritual guide book: ‘The Backpacker’s Guide to the New Spirituality 2014’, written together with Maggie Pashley and Carol Michael.
b. Associated new Certificated Distance Learning Courses and Healings linked to the Backpacker’s Guide in Energy Healing, Sacred Sweat Lodge ‘Lodge Keeper’ Apprenticeship, Druid Path and Wicca. Maggie will be adding the detials of these new courses to the Earthstarweb website any day.
c. There will also be reviews of two books by Ellen Evert Hopman: ‘Priestess of the Forest’ and ‘Druid Isle’, plus:…

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