Happy November

Well it’s the first of November and there are lots of changes afoot.  We have had some stormy weather in parts of the UK and are likely to be due for more but for me this constitutes seasonal weather.  So a good clearing out has been had. It is also Dark Moon at the moment. Another good time to release things to move forward.

So what am I starting or what is new for me?

I’ve just sent out the latest email newsletter for the holistic therapy business I run with my husband and if you’d like to take a peek it’s here.  And I’ve signed up to the Write Nonfiction In November 30-day Challenge to get going on my scent related e-book.

Andy (hubby) and I have discussed groups we have both (independently) been thinking are now timely and we’ll be looking at taking forward a Healing Circle and an occasional Moot.


Just the little point of needing more focus so I’ll be playing with Rosemary, Grapefruit, May Chang and maybe Basil with some Vetiver to keep me grounded.

It looks like a lot of activity but there is a lot of inner work to be done with all of this so I think the timing is good as the weather at this time of year in Devon doesn’t lend itself readily to outdoor activities.

So you may hear from me more frequently and please feel free to feedback and comment.

Samhain blessings



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