Dark of the Moon

It’s been a bit of a funny week here.  The days at work have been bitty and strange in the sense that people at work have been a bit out of character and the theatre lists have not always made a lot of sense, and the last twenty four hours particularly I have felt like I’ve lost the flow a little and just want to hibernate. I sleep well at Dark Moon so it isn’t a reaction to fatigue but increasingly I am letting things go at lots of different levels and occasionally feel like I don’t or didn’t have a grip on them to start with.  As I mentioned in a previous post this is a time of change, letting go and clearing away. Harvesting what we need to take with us into the darker part of the year and the next phase of our journey and leaving behind or even burning off or burying that which we have no need of.  This energy in the Solar cycle is augmented now by the energy of the Moon cycle.

We have reached a point in the Moon cycle where the Moon and the Sun are in the same part of the sky.  Some call this New Moon. I prefer Dark Moon. We cannot see the Moon so she is in the dark, in the shadow of the Sun. For me New Moon is when I see that first thin crescent in the sky.  So to support myself today I have been burning some of my own Dark Moon Dark Mother incense with Birch Bark for new beginnings and Juniper Berries for the transitions and cleansing; Mugwort and Rowan Berries to enhance the clarity of vision and provide some protection and resins to cleanse, protect and support this step on the journey.  I am now feeling clearer in thought and energy and ready to bring something new to fruition.

So today I am sharing a piece of my writing with you especially for this time in the cycle and wishing you all peace and blessings xxx

Dark Moon Dark Mother incense

Dark Moon Dark Mother incense

Resting in her embrace

”  Slipping into the welcoming Dark I fall into her arms

  She holds me fast and dries my eyes, rocks me,

Croons a lullaby.

To stop my thoughts and rest a while in the belly of the tree

Oak to strengthen,  Ash to bend and Thorn to protect me.

Boundaries rise and barriers fall

My Lady holds my hand.

And in the dark the silent voice sings of that other land

O’er  the sea and out of time to which my heart does run

For rest and strength to face

All that is to come.

Then up I get to face anew the day the sun has brought

Knowing that within her hand my fears will come to naught.

Strengthened by her love and breath, nourished by her breast

My Lady waits for me at night when I seek my rest

And speaks to me and sings to me of all I need to know

To love, to live, to heal, to change and most of all to grow. ”

© Amy Jane Phillipson 2012


https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7mp2mYhONUuZEgtTEpMNzVYQzQ/edit?usp=sharing For some more Dark Moon thoughts on letting go and duality

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