Season of Mists …….

SAM_1510“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.”

― Joe L. Wheeler

I found this quote floating around on Facebook with a lovely autumn picture to illustrate it and thought it seemed to poke some of the seasonal thoughts that have been lurking in my mind.  We are now well into autumn. It’s official. We have passed through the Autumn Equinox – that point in September when day and night are of equal length.  Many of my friends and acquaintances commented on the stillness  in the air in the few days before the official Equinox as though we were in that pause between breathing in and breathing out and a  few nights ago I was awake between about 2 and 4 am and just because I could I opened my front door to an amazing stillness evoked largely by the mists shrouding everything including my view of the waning moon.  Still, warm, quiet. A beautiful feeling that wrapped itself around me. Very comfortable and safe.

Autumn brings change and these last few days have been blustery. We’ve had mists, fog and rain here in my little corner of North Devon. The leaves are starting to brown and fall.  Mushrooms are popping up and most of the blackberries have ripened.  The working hours of this week have curtailed foraging but hopefully we’ll get some done this weekend before too much more of the hedgerow is chopped back.

Autumn for me smells earthy and damp with hints of moss and greenery.  It always conjures up images of crunching in and kicking up piles of leaves and splashing in puddles in wellies. Seeing the geese flying in formation reminds me that it is time to start looking inwards again and reflecting on what has been harvested. At the end of this month we will celebrate Samhain (Samhuinn) and remember those who have gone before, but that is another blog post.


For now I will experiment with Oakmoss and Pine; with some wonderfully richly scented Oak shavings we have been given; with herbs and berries.  There is so much to feast my senses on that I need more moments of stillness to absorb it all.  I will think of cosy evenings, blustery days that blow cobwebs away and invigorate and freshen just enough to get work done to tidy up the garden.

I love this time of year although the days are getting shorter there still seems to be so much potential. Some of it is in the air around us, some of it is in the soil beneath our feet.  I’d love to know what you think of this time of year.

Peace and blessings

Amy )O(

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