Gratitude and Manifestation

I started writing this post a good few days ago when a good friend, who is in the process of selling her house, asked if we made an incense for Manifestation.   I replied that we generally found the Gratitude incense did the job quite nicely and my friend seemed to agree and hopefully found some in her stash!

So I then started wondering why gratitude, especially for something that hasn’t happened, helps us manifest a result.  Is it that by being grateful for the experience we change our experience and perception of what is? Is it that by allowing ourselves to experience gratitude for all that is we create space for all the Universe wants to give us?  By choosing Gratitude do we align ourselves with our highest good?  Or is it that by focusing on gratitude for all that is we allow ourselves and our thoughts to focus in such a way that we are choosing to manifest without focusing on need or want?  I know from my own experience that choosing Gratitude allows me to be in a space of peace and non-striving. It allows me to flow with all that is positive for me. It allows me to experience joy and enthusiasm regardless of the exterior circumstances and the gorgeousness of things really allow me to think “How can it get any better than this?” further allowing the Universe to send even more my way.


Our Gratitude incense

We regularly burn our Gratitude incense at fairs if we are allowed to burn and I have converted it to an essential oil blend for using where we are only able to vapourise.  Because of the flow it creates we find this benefits ourselves, our business and our customers.

A bit more about the incense  which contains Rosemary leaf, Frankincense resin, Copal resin, Orange Peel, Orange Flowers, Ginger essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Vetiver essential oil.  Many of these ingredients are cleansing, clearing and protective, allowing the Orange peel and flowers to produce Joy in our hearts and beings. Ginger warms and expands. Vetiver helps us ground and stabilise which also helps us manifest and bring thoughts into reality.

So a few thoughts for today. What do you choose to be grateful for? Can you choose gratitude for something you would normally moan about? How about trying to change your experience of something, just for today?

Want to take things further and not sure where to start? How about this 7 Day Kick Start programme with the lovely Clare Josa.

And a Facebook community too…

Did you know the UN has a World Gratitude Day. Here’s an event to celebrate

With all love, peace and blessings

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.



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