Scent in the Night

Good morning and I hope your weekend is shaping up well, wherever you are.


Cute but deadly!

Yesterday evening, lying in bed, I was thinking about how the night affects our senses and perception.  With three cats in the house I’m quite used to those semi-awake moments when I can hear crunching or something falling on the floor and knocking against walls and the foot of the bed.  I no longer need to wake fully to know what is going on although I usually try to remember if I hear crunching as I may need to be wary of where I put my feet when getting out of bed in the morning!

Last night we got home from an evening of music and song with friends to a clear starlit night. We live in the countryside so enjoy some marvellous star gazing when the sky is clear. What caught my attention most when I crossed the lawn to the front door was a familiar yet at the same time unfamiliar smell.

So I sniffed. And pondered. And sniffed again. Hmm, herby, hint of lavender, something else? I was puzzled until I got to the front door and realised that what I could smell was indeed the lavender in the pot by the door and possibly also the rosemary in its pot by the gate.   I found this intriguing. Two scents that I am incredibly familiar with but only recall smelling during daylight hours. So a little bit of dew and the cooler night air lent a little something to them and created an aroma that I found very clearing and cleansing but didn’t fully recognise.

Why does this happen? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. I can only surmise that without a visual input my brain didn’t have a hook to hang the scent on so to speak. Without this hook I had a different experience of these two scents and especially the lavender.

I’ll think about this more. What is your experience of scent at night?

Amy xxx)O(xxx

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