Aromas of the Season (part 2)

Good morning. This morning there was a definite nip in the air and the smell of rain in the air, which I noticed as I fed the cats, told me we had had rain overnight. Such a change from the lovely weather we had yesterday afternoon when we were able to go for a walk as a family. We chose a walk that we have previously walked the first leg of, but this time walked further finding a lovely grassy picnic spot which led to an expanse of bramble. A few blackberries this time but the promise of so much more. Fabulous views out over the north coast listening to bird song, the buzzing of insects and just Being. 

The smell of leaf mould was slightly stronger under the tree canopy. Walking back there is a spot above the village which smells very strongly of bat! Anyone who has been in a bat house at a zoo or wildlife park would recognise it. So there must be a bat roost just about there. Noted!

Next stop buddleias and butterflies near the garden centre where they were trimming the verges – more freshly cut grass mmm with a hint of cow and sheep in the background.


It brought back to mind that some smells have more pungency than others. The smell of bat may not be immediately pleasant but it brought to mind wonderful experiences and memories. Smells that smell “good” to one may bring on a strong “negative” reaction in others.  And this may seem like an irrational reaction but that is connected to the memory invoked by the smell. 

When we can identify the source of that reaction we can begin to understand our reactions and work with those memories to heal and grow. 

Where can your sense of smell take you today?




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