Aromas of the Season

Good morning!

Another August is slowly coming to an end. It is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and the weather has been stunning.

Yesterday dd went horse riding with a friend of ours from work. So a bit of grooming, tacking up, 45 minute ride and then “bath” the pony. Great fun for her. Her dad and I went blackberry picking


during the ride.

With August coming to an end there is a definite change in the energies. The autumnal mists are starting to form, dews are heavier and there is a hint of damp and chill in the air. Beech and Horse Chestnut leaves are already turning brown. Conkers are ready to pick.

But with a spate of good weather comes grass cutting in the fields.  What a wonderful smell! Over the course of a few days the aroma changes. The smell of freshly cut grass deepens and becomes richer and almost sweeter, the grass is turning into hay.

With leaves starting to fall, the occasional earthy aroma of leaf mould wafts up when walking in the countryside. This is accompanied by the smell of ferns drying in the sun and sometimes even the mist has its own special smell.

Yes living in the countryside also has its other aromas especially where there are a lot of sheep or dairy cattle but yesterday we saw none but we could indulge a little in the smell of horse, warm horse breath and the leathery smell of tack.

Add to that the smell of the blackberries – especially once they were in a crumble and it was a magical day.

What smells do you particularly notice at this time of year as the season is changing?  Do you celebrate this time of change and harvest in any way? It would be lovely to hear your experiences

~Amy xxx)O(xxx

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