Moving forward one step at a time

Earth incense

Earth incense

It’s been an interesting few days. Prompts to focus, set goals, move forward and conversations about new products.

Many moons ago when we still lived in Southampton we had a range of anointing oils using essential oil blends for chakra/energy centre work and to reproduce the energies of individual types of crystals. I also experimented with sending essential oil energies over distance and considering the links between essential oils and music.

While I’ve continued to investigate these and play with aromatic energies they have taken a back seat in some ways.

Conversations with Mr P recently have been about picking these back up and yesterday on the way to work I was pondering various recent conversations with customers at fairs and their outcomes, especially with regard to the exercises during my recent workshop. I also thought back to our flower and gem essence classes and how I picked up smell and colour from the spray containing Ayhuasca essence.

As I pondered the smell of moss and the greeny gold colours which to me were reminiscent of cold-pressed avocado oil various ideas for the four elements popped into my head. Suffice to say I even have all the ingredients so I can crack on with small batches of Anointing Oils for Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The only question that remains is what bottles to put them in.


Amy xxx)O(xxx

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