Doors to the Otherworld?

Each year with the Druid Grove we belong to we go on a “retreaty, campy, thingy” and each year we have a different theme.  This year our theme is “The Otherworld”. Do we have a definition of The Otherworld. I’m not sure we have a concrete one. I do know the theme we have chosen encompasses working with our guides and our shadow sides, but also connecting with the world of the fae.  And interestingly the plants I have been drawn to


over the last couple of weeks quite possibly support this work.

I am intrigued by Red Campion (Silene dioica). It is a common plant and at the moment is beautifully decorating our verges accompanied by some rather splendid butterflies and stitchwort.  I’ve found little in my books about this herb/plant and even online there is little beyond the botanical information.  refers to Red Campion being a plant of the liminal point between the old and new existences. A plant of edges, verges, borders and boundaries. Marking the border.  Hmm I wondered could working with this help us cross those boundaries.  The root can be used in place of soap – physically cleansing and I have a tendency to extrapolate from the physical to the energetic.  My hubby suggested making an essence which will no doubt happen. I am drawn to making an infused oil for anointing. There is also a connection I am feeling to heart space and expansion.

I have also picked up a lot of Larch (Larix genus) from nearby woods. Something drew me to it’s delicacy of needle and deceptive lace-like effect of its branches but strength and straightness of trunk. Ah! Now trees we have more information on I thought. Well yes to a point. Most of our books focus on the trees of the Celtic year, the sacred trees of the Druids so I’m also very pleased we have a copy of The Living Wisdom of Trees by Fred Hageneder.  Interestingly Larch is considered in Siberian mythology as a tree of The Otherworld. It replaces the Ash as the World Tree and the symbolism cited is “going beyond limits”.  It is associated with cremation

In Tree Yoga Larch is considered attuned to the spiritual properties of inspiration, the voice of the heart and protection.

Where will all this lead? It’s feeling like these plants help us cross our boundaries and go beyond our limits. This would appear to be in more than one plane. Moving out from our heart space into new expansion and Being would allow us to move forward from the restrictions we have allowed to be placed on us.

Oh and the photo – Scarlet Elf Cup, a “door” to the world of the Fae.

This could be an interesting camp.

Love, peace and blessings

Amy xxx

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