Hello again!

I know this blog has been very quiet but I’ve recently been prompted to start blogging again. What form this will take I do not know. I do know however that the reason I stopped blogging last year was because I wasn’t meeting my self imposed target of a daily post and so felt I had “failed”.

I also realised recently that I have been employing distraction and busy-ness to block out the inspirations in fear of what that may lead me to especially with a day job that really doesn’t allow for being in a different space during working hours. Again that theme of if I can’t do it “properly” I won’t do it. I now realise that I be that stream of inspiration and flow anyway and that fear, whether if be of failure or success, has been hiding away all this time. But my thoughts when blogging are just that – my thoughts, my opinions, maybe even inspired channellings or insights. As such is there a “proper” or “correct” way? Can they be “wrong”? Do I need to cross-reference? After all this isn’t an academic essay!

The next question is where to start?

I’m thinking the best place to start is where I am and what I’m up to right now. What oils am I working with and what insights have I had? What in the plant world draws me and what have I found out through difference sources?

Wow! That in itself could be quite something.

Love, peace and blessings

Amy xxx

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