An Esscentful Year – Day 14/15 I think!

Hello again!

Yesterday and today I’ve been pondering an article in the latest issue of International Therapist a magazine I receive from my professional organisation. This article covers a number of “issues” within aromatherapy at least one of which has raised its head recently in this article

Yes – Sustainability

Other issues covered in the article include safety and storage including toxicity and contraindications and quality and integrity which also covers purchasing, identification and trade organisations.

Safety and Toxicity are issues that have raised their head in relation to a number of essential oils in particular and uses such as Raindrop Therapy.

I’m not sure yet where to take my pondering – I can feel a reflective piece coming on but may have to focus on one part of the article at a time. I do believe that all of these issues are intertwined and as an aromatherapist they feed into my day-to-day relationship with my essential oils and the products I make as well as the choices I make for my clients. I work intuitively as well and wonder whether and how much these things affect those choices.

If access to specific oils is restricted by availability and/or cost it is important to know and understand what can be used as a substitute depending on what you are using and why. The impact of the why can be very different in intuitive energetic work because you are not just basing the choice on the aroma and chemical profile but on the energy/colour/complementary colour and the synergy with other oils is even more important.

As an incense maker as well as an aromatherapist there are further issues to be considered and I feel as local a supply as possible is vital for maintaining the energies of the ingredients and products. However I recognise that there are ingredients that have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years that are fast becoming difficult to get hold of and this will have implications for these products too.

I will give this more thought and come back to it.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead

Amy xxx


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