An Esscentful Year

Two long and tiring days at the day job have put a hole in my hopes to make it through Project 365 with only a couple of posts missing. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles with this? The main issue for me here is that I don’t want to just make a random meaningless post. Maybe I’m challenging myself too much? Part of the plan for this year is to realistically find a way to have less hours within our nursing jobs and more income from our products and therapies. This is going to take time and there is a lot to enjoy along the way.

The smell of freshly sawn wood; the smell of mist in the air; of leaf mulch and fresh compost; my daughter’s hair, of herbs, resins, oils, freshly mown grass, rain on hot tarmac, hot chocolate, fresh coffee, baking, hot charcoal discs, watching the cats fuss each other and being asked for a fuss rather than just for food; chill winter days, mild spring days, opening flour buds and the delicate scent of primroses and snowdrops.

All these are things I look forward to, sights, sounds, colours, smells, flavours. All can provoke wonder, emotions, associations, joy at the experience, a sense of awe and compassion for those that lose a sense only to find heightened experience through another.

I wonder what shall come this weekend. Yes there is that which is planned already but I look forward to the unexpected, the synchronous, the inspiring. Do you?

Friday blessings to you



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