An Esscentful Year – Day 4/5 – Vetiver


Yes I missed yesterday, although I have the excuse that I was feeling very light-headed and dizzy and quite nauseated so sitting at the computer for any length of time and focussing wouldn’t have helped.

Feeling better today but still light-headed and wobbly. Is this my caffeine detox? Over the last 36 hours or so I’ve felt a need to further ground myself but still lift my spirits and feel comforted.

Vetiver is a wonderful oil for this purpose. When I intuited the layout of my oils in a sine wave from lowest note (musical) to highest Vetiver came out lowest. It is earthy, almost peaty and mossy, slightly smoky. Vetiver is another oil that I used during pregnancy.

The essential oil of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) is steam distilled from the roots.  In perfumery Vetiver is classed as a base note and considered a valuable fixative in Fougere, Oriental and Chypre perfumes. The fragrance is highly potent and could easily overwhelm others if used in too high a dilution. It is also one which polarises opinion. Some people (live me) love it and others have a strong aversion to it.  It is one of the oils which prompted the following thought process

“In traditional aromatherapy we are taught that if the person does not like the smell the essential oil should not be used. In crystal therapy we are taught that often the stones we do not like are the ones we should work with to deal with the issues that they are uncovering which are the reasons we feel uncomfortable with that stone. Should we be working with essential oils we do not like – in low dilution for energetic work – for this reason?” which is in my Facebook note “Aromatherapy in the Now”

Chemical constituents include Benzoic acid, vetiverol, furfurol, alpha and beta vetivone, vetivene and vetivenyl vetivenate.

Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi  describes Vetiver as ” the scent of mother earth, mysteriously hidden in a deep, dark recess, drawing on the fullness of her life-giving force. This essential oil can be used for physical and emotional burnout resulting in total exhaustion.”

It is a protective oil at an energetic level helping us to shield from psychic energies we do not want to absorb, help us ground and anchor which in turn promotes manifestation of our ideas and allows us to bring positive energies through and into our being.

Vetiver is soothing to states of irritability, anger and even hysteria, it helps pacify behaviours that thrive on stress and tension. According to Salvatore Battaglia Vetiver oil is often recommended for treating PMS caused by deficiency of either oestrogen or progesterone which tends to cause feelings of unworthiness and loss of purpose. He also suggests that as the oil seems to have an effect on the secretion of both hormones it would be an appropriate choice during menopause.

As Vetiver oil is also considered nourishing and moisturising to skin it is recommended for dry, dehydrated or irritated skin. It is vulnerary (helps wound healing) and cicatrisant (helps proper scar formation) and has been suggested for use to prevent and reduce wrinkles and stretch marks during pregnancy and improve the tone of slack or tired-looking skin.

Suzy Chiazzari considers its healing colour to be yellow although from a chakra point of view I would consider it more golden-brown with hints of white. For spiritual purposes she suggests using Vetiver in conjunction with gold colour breathing for a protective shield for the aura; with a gold gemstone to the base chakra for grounding and spiritual calmness and in meditation with gold for finding purpose in life.

Applying a drop to the crown chakra can enhance peace of mind and bring a degree of clarity this can be useful for insomnia, depression, debility and nervous tension. Applying to the feet and/or solar plexus may be useful for disorientation, again through assisting the grounding process.

Vetiver is an oil where we can probably extrapolate from the physical to the mental/emotional/spiritual, but there are others so I will leave that thought there for now.

In my opinion Vetiver is a truly valuable oil for many of us at this time as we seek to ground, bring dreams to reality, work through the layers that stop us moving forward and nourish ourselves.

Till the next time

With all brightest blessings

Amy xxx

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