Project 365 – An Esscentful Year – Stormy Weather

After the storm comes the rainbow


Today was an NHS work day. I work two ten hour days a week in a local hospital’s theatre suite. Today my shift was 8am to 6.30pm. But I’m not going to talk about the sort of aromas I encounter at work, although one of our surgeons likes to use Friar’s Balsam on the skin around laparoscopy port sites so mmmmmmmmm Benzoin!!!

When I left home today it was still dark and the UK has been battered over the last day or so by high winds and lashed with rain.  So I left home in high winds and heavy rain.

Stormy weather is invigorating at many levels. One of the smells I always recall from childhood trips to the beach, which in the summer holidays was most days – or so it seems – as we lived 15 minutes walk from one, is the smell of summer rain on hot tarmac.  We would sometimes go swimming in stormy seas. The smell of ozone and seaweed is enlivening. But these scents are actually quite hard to describe.

So, you’re asking where am I going with this?

May I make a suggestion?  Next time you get caught out in a storm, whereever you are, be it city or countryside, stop and inhale. What can you smell and how does the rain change it? And does that change how you feel about that moment? And where do you feel it? Try this in different locations too.

Most of all as you do so relish the new aromas, sensations and experiences. Feel invigorated and enlivened. And appreciate the rainbow that may follow!


Amy xxx

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