An Esscentful Year – Day 2 – Neroli

Neroli essential oil is one of my personal favourites. I used it during my pregnancy and it was the first oil I “visualised” to help me centre and calm in a very energetically busy space.

Neroli is steam distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. Petitgrain is also from the same tree but is from the unripe fruits and twigs. The dried flowers have a wonderfully uplifting and comforting honey-like aroma. They speak of joy and abundance, comfort and contentment. The essential oil for me has a greenness to it and a white gold colour. I have found it a wonderful oil to use for a variety of energetic needs.

In his book “The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy” Salvatore Battaglia describes Neroli essential oil as having a powerful yet delicate bitter-sweet floral fragrance. It is believed it was first distilled in the late seventeenth century and named for Anna Maria de la Tremoille, Princess of Nerola. At the time it was used by the people of Venice to treat plague and other fevers.

As with many oils, Neroli is chemically complex comprising among other constituents alpha pinene, camphene, beta pinene, alpha terpinene, nerol, neryl acetate, farnesol, geraniol, linalol, nerolidol, linalyl acetate, methyl anthranilate and indole.

Generally Neroli is considered a very effective sedative and antidepressant essential oil. Battaglia suggests using it in a similar way to Bach Rescue Remedy.

Susanne Fisher-Rizzi says of Neroli it “reaches deep down into the soul to stabilise and regenerate. It provides relief and strength for long standing psychological tension, exhaustion and seemingly hopeless situations.”

At a more physical level the suggested uses of Neroli essential oil include relief of muscle spasm in smooth muscles, which may make it useful for chronic diarrhoea; the care and treatment of sensitive and inflamed skin; treatment of broken capillaries under the skin’s surface; stimulating cellular activity and growth. It is generally considered non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising and suitable for all skin types.

An aspect that I have become very interested in is the vibrational/energetic uses of essential oils including using them for “distant healing” . During my Crystal Therapy course I started intuitively blending to “replicate” the energy signatures of crystals we were working with. This work is ongoing as I deepen my knowledge of this therapy. Neroli features in my blends for Petrified Wood and Snowy Quartz, demonstrating to my mind and experience that this is an oil that can be beneficial at many levels. In the Chakra system Petrified Wood would be associated with the Base Chakra and possibly the Earth Star and Snowy Quartz with the Crown or Higher Crown.

However Suzy Chiazzari gives the healing colours of Neroli as orange or yellow depending on the variety but qualifies this to say that the orange ray is mixed with the white ray absorbed by the blossoms. The orange can have a releasing effect on the emotions often helping us express feelings through the release of tears and the white brings lightness and brightness to our leave helping us feel uplifted and joyful but also tranquil and at peace. A touch of blue helps smooth anxieties.

A powerful oil for modern times. A spiritual, loving and peaceful oil that can help us feel connected, complete, joyous, grateful and regenerated. And at the same time a gentle, compassionate oil one that I am blessed to have in my essential oil box and would not be without.

Blessings to you all



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