A New Blog

Thought I’d best write a first entry for this new blog.

I have one linked to my business website but felt I wanted to keep business stuff and personal development separate, so here I am.

I trained as an Aromatherapist shortly after completing my nursing diploma. I’ve always loved the outdoors, plants, trees. Many of my strongest childhood memories involve plants, flowers, making concoctions from flower petals and the like.  After my daughter was born I undertook training as a crystal therapist and entered a world of vibration, linking scent and crystal energy. Wow! What an insight. Now I continue to work with the energies as well as the aromas of these beautiful plants. I have turned my blending to incense making and my preferred incenses are those I make for meditation, healing and personal growth. Yes I make incense for the festivals and ritual too. So that’s a little about why I’m here.


We are rapidly heading to Yule, one of my favourite times of year. Weather can be extreme – lashing us with wind and rain or still as if all is paused waiting for the wheel to turn again. I can understand why at the Solstice our ancestors felt as if the Sun had stood still.

I am being drawn deeper into myself too. My crystal cave beckons regularly. A place to sit and be listening to the Mother’s heartbeat, feeling her around me, loving, supporting, nurturing, helping me learn from the darkness, crack open that shell and germinate the seed that will become a new plant, a fresh shoot stretching up high to reach the Sun, to grow further and put out flowers and then fruit.

So it has been no surprise that a new incense has come through. As yet it has no name. The scent is deep in the sense that it tugs at that part of me that longs to commune in my cave with the Dark Mother, to dig deep and grow. It speaks of transition, growth, earthiness. Yet it also speaks of a freedom to come, of life.

While I wait for the visualisation and name to come through I will return to aromatic gift sets for Yule/Christmas as we are at a fair on Sunday.

Blessed Be )O(


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